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Eco Friendly Construction

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Eco Friendly Construction

We are unique & we look for the well-being of the industry, that’s why…..

Sahara Construction has ventured towards sustainable construction because its,

  • Being more profitable and competitive;
  • Delivering buildings and structures that provide greater satisfaction,
  • well-being and value to customers and users
  • Respecting and treating its stakeholders more fairly
  • Enhancing and better protecting the natural environment
  • Minimizing its consumption of energy

In 3 steps…

Our team manages the waste generates from the construction site in just 3 precise steps Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. From our previous projects, we were able to yield maximum outcome from a careful 3R waste management system and to the client himself

Our technical and managerial team is fully aware of Green Building Rating System in Sri Lanka (GBCSL) and fully prepared at any time to deliver the project according to the rating system.

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